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Challenge #14: Levels

Challenge #14: Levels

Let's we try! Elite_Crime is back! Thank you so much for voting

Your challenge consist on make up to 3(THREE)icons with levels. You can mix horizontal and vertical levels within an icon.
Remember: You may only icon fandom's that fall under the terms of Crime

neatmonster - starry_night - shameless666
-You can submit up to 3 icons
-Post your icon and the icon url in a new post to the community and tag your entry with your username.
-Your icons must fit LJ standarts - no larger than 40kB, 100x100p
-All effects are allowed (blending, textures, text, brushes) except animation.
-Don't post any spoilerish icons until an entire week has passed!
-Remember that premade icons are not allowed, they must be NEW for ALL challenges here!
-If you could pimp us (elite_crime ) it would be super helpful ♥
-Wanna give us any ideas for future challenges? Go here!
-Deadline for this challenge is: Sunday 21th February 20:00(time zone help)

Any question?just ask!:)
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Just to clarify, we don't need to apply anymore to participate?
You are right. Anyone can participate :) ( I try to eliminate any reference to the application, maybe I ve forgotten something :S )